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Go Beyond "SMART"... Integrate with VirtualZone®

Energy Monitoring System Suppliers: 
VirtualZone®can be used to bridge the SmartMeter to SmartThermostat gap enabling the transformation of simple energy monitoring systems into fully functional Automated Demand Response (ADR) systems while greatly increasing the statistical data available to your systems and your customers.  With VirtualZone®  your customers will not only know their heating and cooling energy usage statistics, they will be able to automatically control and manage it on a room by room basis, greatly increasing the energy savings of any smart thermostat solution.

Smart Partners

Are you a supplier of residential or commercial:

  • Energy Monitoring Solutions
  • Home Automation Systems
  • Smart Grid Components, or
  • Smart Thermostats?

Does your solution end at the meter or thermostat? 

                     Don’t stop there!

You are already supplying your customers with their energy usage information. That is great but wouldn't obtaining usage information from multiple points inside the house or small office benefit your customer more? The VirtualZone® gets you inside each room! VirtualZone® offers it's partners the ability to access an event table stored in the SmartController database. With this information you can discern the energy usage on a room by room or sub-zone basis! Sound good? How would you like to have the ability to CONTROL the energy usage in your customers building as an added benefit? This can complement and extend your product and service offerings to provide room by room heating and cooling control.  

No other vendor can offer this level of control. 

You will be able to offer your residential and commercial clients maximum energy savings while greatly increasing their occupants personal comfort - all while increasing your revenue stream.