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How would you like to offer your clients a state of the art heating and cooling control system for LESS MONEY than  than a traditional zoned system?

VirtualZone® provides solutions for your clients to maximum energy savings while greatly increasing their occupants personal comfort AND COSTS LESS FOR YOU TO INSTALL than a traditional zoned system.  Our HVAC engineers are ready to work with you to design lower cost duct systems utilizing our SmartDampers and other VirtualZone® components.  Contact us today to see how we can help.

We encourage you to explore our residential and commercial pages on this website to learn more about the benefits your customers can enjoy.

General Contractors
Are you ready to overcome the problems with traditional zoned HVAC systems caused by centrally located thermostats in zones that handles multiple rooms? You know what they are - occupant discomfort from hot/cold rooms, energy inefficiencies from heating and cooling empty rooms, expensive zone changes, etc. 

HVAC Contractors

VirtualZone®....Leaving the Smart Thermostat in the Dust!