What is VirtualZone®?  It is an intelligent climate control system consisting of an array of SmartSensor devices, SmartDamper, and/or SmartRegister vents coordinated by an Intelligent Zone Controller.   VirtualZone® converts a traditional heating/cooling zone into up to four separate intelligent "sub-zones" to provide unprecedented room-by-room climate control, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort.  

VirtualZone® can easily be added to any conventional forced air HVAC system by the do-it-yourself homeowner, or be installed in new construction. 

The Ultimate Climate Control System

Providing the most cost effective residential and commercial energy management solutions available anywhere.  Nearly 50% of all energy costs go toward heating and cooling. Find out how you can save big and keep everyone comfortable with our innovative
VirtualZone® solutions for home and business.

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Provide your clients a state of the art heating and cooling control system for less money than a traditional zoned system..

We provide the most  innovative and efficient solutions to manage your home heating and cooling costs while  improving personal comfort. 

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If you are a supplier of smart thermostats, energy monitoring systems, or other smartgrid components, VirtualZone® can complement and extend your product and service offerings.

Building owners and property managers struggling to contain rising energy costs now have a revolutionary solution to their HVAC problems – VirtualZone®.