Total Comfort for ALL Occupants: 
The temperature in offices or retail rooms within a traditional HVAC zone will vary greatly due to differences in sun exposure, interior vs. exterior rooms, and the location of each zones thermostat.  Inevitably, some rooms are too hot, and others are too cold.  In addition, occupants often have different opinions on what the ‘ideal temperature’ is for them.  
®allows the temperature in each room to be individually and automatically controlled, ensuring every room is the right temperature at the right time

Conserve Energy, Simplify Management, Keep Everyone Comfortable

Conserve Energy, Save Money:  Studies have shown that nearly 50% of every buildings energy budget goes toward heating and cooling costs.  Especially in commercial buildings, much of these costs come from heating and cooling empty or unused spaces, such as offices and conference rooms.  VirtualZone®eliminates these inefficiencies and more to significantly lower your buildings heating and cooling costs.
Property Managers
Multi-tenant building owners and property managers struggling to contain rising energy costs now have a revolutionary solution to their HVAC problems.

® climate control systems can be used in new construction or added to your existing HVAC systems to maximize energy conservation, streamline building reconfigurations and simplify management, all while vastly improving occupant comfort.

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Stop Heating and Cooling Empty Spaces!

Building Reconfigurations: 
Until now, the only way to reconfigure an HVAC zone to accommodate interior reconfigurations when tenants expand or contract was to call in your HVAC contractor to physically change the zones.  Not anymore.  

Since each room or area can be individually controlled by a
VirtualZone®, HVAC reconfigurations can be made on a room by room basis by simply reassigning the VirtualZone® components to the new zone controller.  Zones can be expanded, contracted or moved without the need to call your HVAC contractor to make physical changes. 

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