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Conserve Energy, Save Money, Be Comfortable

Total Comfort for Everyone: 
One room too hot, another room too cold…sound familiar?  Does everyone in your household have the same ‘ideal temperature? Probably not.  Traditional zoned heating and cooling systems are controlled by a single thermostat per zone and cannot adjust individual room temperatures  to compensate for individual preferences or environmental factors, such as sun exposure.
® allows the temperature in each room to be individually and automatically controlled, ensuring every room is the right temperature at the right time.  Temperatures can even be monitored and controlled from the convenience of your smartphone.

Conserve Energy, Save Money:  Studies have shown that nearly 50% of every home energy budget goes toward heating and cooling costs.  Often, much of these costs come from heating and cooling empty or unused spaces, including heating and cooling while people are asleep.  VirtualZone®eliminates these inefficiencies and more to significantly lower your homes heating and cooling costs. 

VirtualZone® has been designed with the do-it-yourself homeowner in mind.  Installation using SmartRegisters does not require an HVAC contractor, rather can typically be accomplished with just a screwdriver on a Saturday afternoon in about an hour.

If you are heating and cooling your home with a traditional zoned HVAC system, it is expensive, very inefficient, and prone to discomfort.  

VirtualZone® climate control systems transform your existing traditional heating and cooling system to conserve energy and save you money while delivering unparalleled personal comfort and convenience.

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